--------- Thank you for considering to be part of Financial Planning Fundamentals ------ This is the first of six courses leading to Red River College's Financial Planning Certificate ------ The four middle "core courses" also qualify as the education requirement to write the proficiency exam for the CFP designation ---------

Certificate in Financial Planning - Course #1 – Financial Planning Fundamentals

Location:  RRC Roblin Centre Campus (formerly call Princess Street Campus), Room: P315
Winter Time: 
The Winter 2019 session has been cancelled. Register early for the Fall 2019 session to avoid disappointment.
Spring/Summer Time:  There is no session planned for the Spring or Summer of 2019.
Fall Time: There is a session planned for the Fall of 2019 on Tuesdays starting September 10th, 2019 and details will be posted early summer 2019.
Course instructor: Jerry Wake
Materials: Personal Finance Third Canadian Edition text ISBN: 978-0-13-303557-5; HP 10Bii Calculator (text only available at the RRC Bookstore)
Course Objectives: To introduce the Personal Financial Planning process and its various components and steps. Specific topics include understanding available investment products as well as the theory of their use in financial planning. Students will gain the ability to use a financial calculator in determining the time value of money.

Please note that sessions may be postponed to the following one if there are not enough participants.  Register early to avoid disappointment.

Course Agenda:

Class #: Subject Reading Notes
1 Introduction Chapter 1 Oral presentation assigned
2 Time Value of Money Chapter 2 Must have calculator for this class
3 Money Management Chapter 3  
4 Credit Management Chapter 6, 7 & 8  
5 Financial Economics Chapter 5 Group work will be assigned
6 Income Taxes Chapter 4

Students must bring these tax return forms (2 sets) to Class 6

7 Income Taxes Continued Mid-Term Exam
8 Risk Management Chapter 9  
9 Investment Planning Chapter 10  
10 Investment Products Chapter 11, 12, & 13 Students must bring this documentation to Class 10 and 11
11 Investment Products Continued Income Tax assignment due
12 Retirement Planning Chapter 14  
13 Estate Planning Chapter 15  
14 Group Case Presentations  

All Oral Presentations Due
All Group Presentations Due 

15 Final Exam   Final Exam

Course requirements:
1) Complete any exit slips prior to leaving the classroom (a component of your 10% participation mark)
2) Complete and present a graphic organizer depicting the six step financial planning process. (Mark = Complete or Incomplete + a component of your 10% participation mark)
3) Complete a tax return. (Mark = Complete or Incomplete + a component of your 10% participation mark)
4) In a group complete a case study and present solutions. (Mark = Complete or Incomplete + a component of your participation mark)
5) Optional mid-term exam (20% or 0% of your final grade - if you choose not to write the mid-term or do better on the final then your mid-term would be worth 0%).
6) 100 question multiple-choice final exam. (70% or 90% of your final grade)
7) You must complete the assignments (1,2 & 3) to qualify to write the exam. Your final mark will be reduced if assignments are not completed by due date in addition you will not be able to write the final exam until they are completed and extra costs will apply. The income tax assignment is due by the night of the 11th class. All oral presentations (Graphic Organizers) must be completed by the end of the night of the 14th class and time booked in advance with myself – 2 slots before each class, 2 slots during each break or 2 slots after each class.  The group presentations are all due to be presented on the night of the 14th class.

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