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Certificate in Financial Planning - Course #1 Financial Planning Fundamentals (R1-18/08/17)

Location:  RRC Princess Street Campus, Room P314
Time:  Thursdays  - 6:00pm to 9:15pm
Course instructor: Jerry Wake
Materials: Personal Finance: Third Canadian Edition Jeff Madura & Hardeep Singh Gill ISBN # 978-0-13-303557-5; HP 10Bii Calculator
Course Objectives: To introduce the Personal Financial Planning process and its various components and steps. Specific topics include understanding available investment products as well as the theory of their use in financial planning. Students will gain the ability to use a financial calculator in determining the time value of money.

NOTE:  Please see the course outline for complete details.

Course Agenda:                                                                                

Class #: Date: Subject Reading Notes Handouts Points
1 September 7 Introduction Chapter 1 Sept 7, 2017 Course_Outline Course_Contract Six_Step_Process Oral presentation assigned
2 September 14 Time Value of Money Chapter 2 Sept 14, 2017

Calculator Questions

Calculator Tutorial

Must have calculator for this class
3 September 21 Money Management Chapter 3 Sept 21, 2017 Ten Tips  
4 September 28 Credit Management Chapter 6, 7, & 8 Sept 28, 2017    
5 October 5 Financial Economics Chapter 5 Oct 5, 2017

Case Study Business Cycle

Group work will be assigned
6 October 12 Income Taxes Chapter 4 Oct 12, 2017

Tax forms required Schedule8 TaxRateCard

Must bring the tax return forms (2sets) to this class

7 October 19 Income Taxes Continued Oct 19, 2017   Mid-Term Exam
8 October 26 Risk Management Chapter 9 Oct 26, 2017    
9 November 2 Investment Planning Chapter 10 Nov 2, 2017 Questionnaire Answers  
10 November 9 Investment Products Chapter 11, 12, &13 Nov 9, 2017 Required Homework Must bring the required homework to this and next class
Class Cancelled

November 16


MAKE-UP CLASS Wednesday November 22

Investment Products Continued Nov 22, 2017    

November 23

Retirement Planning Chapter 14 Nov 23, 2017 Your Group Work

Final Date to withdraw

13 November 30 Estate Planning Chapter 15 Nov 30, 2017

Your Group Work Death in the Family Powers of Attorney Trusts

Income Tax Assignment New Due Date

14 December 7 Group Case Presentations   Dec 7, 2017   All Group Presentations Due All Oral Presentations Due 
15 December 14 Final Exam        

Course requirements:

  1. Complete any exit slips prior to leaving the classroom (a component of your 10% participation mark)
  2. Complete and present a graphic organizer depicting the six step financial planning process. (Mark = Complete or Incomplete + a component of your 10% participation mark)
  3. Complete a tax return. (Mark = Complete or Incomplete + a component of your 10% participation mark)
  4. In a group complete a case study and present solutions. (Mark = Complete or Incomplete + a component of your 10% participation mark)
  5. (+) Optional mid-term exam (20% or 0% of your final grade – if you choose not to write the mid-term or do better on the final then your mid-term will be worth 0%)
  6. 100 question multiple-choice final exam. (70% or 90% of your final grade – see note 5)
  7. You must complete the assignments (1,2 & 3) to qualify to write the exam.  Your final mark may be reduced by 5% per week past the due date until assignments are completed. You will not be able to write the final exam until they are completed and then may incur additional costs to write the final exam.  (*) The income tax assignment is due by the night of Nov 16th.  (#) All oral presentations must be completed by the night of Dec 7th but time may be booked in advance with myself – 2 slots before each class, 2 slots during each break if you wish to complete this requirement early.  On Dec 7th there will be time allocated by lottery after the Group presentations for any students who have not already presented their graphic organizer.
  8. Final date for Voluntary withdrawal is the close of Student Central November 23rd, 2017.


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